Consumer Report: Kush Support Redefines American Ingenuity

The United States of America has a cherished tradition of pioneering product design which has propelled our great nation to the pinnacle of global innovation. Since our country’s inception, every generation of Americans has been shaped by the ingenuity of our greatest minds in an effort live up to our manifest destiny as a beacon of light to the world. While we may have collectively ceded complete dominance over other up-and-coming manufacturing behemoths like China and India, we still lead the way in delivering products that change the world.

Images of greatest inventors in US history

The Holy Trinity of American Ingenuity: Thomas Edison (left), Henry Ford (center), and Cathinka Chandler (right). Chandler earned her place among the greatest innovative minds in American history with her discovery of the Kush Support system.

How did we become so great? Our forefathers strove to solve critical problems of their time that impeded the full-fledged ability to pursue life, liberty and happiness. Throughout the centuries, we have endeavored to keep the flame of luminaries like Thomas Edison and Henry Ford burning bright to help guide us through the perilous path to prosperity. While it hasn’t always been easy, particularly in light of recent economic collapse, there is once again reason to believe that American ingenuity will lead the way yet again.

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Metal Legend and Real Housewife Separated at Birth?

Boasting chiseled square jaw lines, prominent cleft chins and severe bouts of nasty attitudes, punk and metal legend Glenn Danzig, and Real Housewife of New York Bethenny Frankel share more than coincidental genetic traits — indications show that they may in fact be brother and sister.

Image of Glenn Danzig and Bethenny Frankel

Much like Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, they may well have been separated at birth; one child flirting with paranormal powers bordering on the Dark Side while rebelling against the firm clutches of the establishment (some of us would not be surprised if Darth Vader fathered Glenn), the other truly acting like an entitled princess and continually seeking acceptance and adoration from the masses.

Not only do they look like brother and sister, they share many of the same qualities and personality traits — for better or worse — that reveal an undeniable link that points to imminent siblinghood.

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