Welcome to the 13 Shades of Grey Videos page. All videos here are created by us (me) and are also available on our YouTube channel, ThirdEyeOpen13.

“Guns N’ Roses New Album ‘Dolphin Autocracy‘ to Hit Walmart Shelves in December 2023″
Created by Troy Beckman
February 6, 2011

Description: A video sneak-peek of possible new album release by mercurial Axl Rose and his new version of Guns N’ Roses. Entitled Dolphin Autocracy, the video trailer offers fans a taste of demo tracks that may be associated with a new GNR album and an inside look into the world of W. Axl Rose, for better or worse.

“Episode VII: A Green Hope”
Created by Troy Beckman
February 4, 2011

Description: Initially created for San Diego’s first green fitness studio, The Greenasium, this video puts a Star Wars twist on the unique features of The Greenasium, which elevates the gym above and beyond the evil clutches of Imperial influence and the Dark Side of the Force.

“Welcome to the Greenasium Fitness Studio”
Created by Troy Beckman
February 4, 2011
Hosted on The Greenasium YouTube video page

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