Going Vogue: Sarah Palin Set to Officially Become Reality TV Star

Former Partial Term Governor and Aspiring Celebrity to Kick Off Reality Series on TLC November 14

If being the face of the Tea Party Movement and its far-right agenda wasn’t enough to satisfy Sarah Palin’s unquenchable desire to be in front of a camera, then something must be wrong, right? Turns out, this assumption is correct.  And we should be afraid.

Sarah Palin is launching a new reality television show this fall.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is set to run for eight weeks, offering viewers the opportunity to see more of “Mama Grizzly” on the TV screen—this time, in her natural habitat.

Photo of famous television grizzlies

Palin is the latest self-proclaimed “grizzly” to gain their own television show, preceded by Gentle Ben (left) and Grizzly Adams (middle).

In a sharp twist of irony, the show will air on The Learning Channel (TLC).  However, there may actually be a few lessons to glean from exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the one-time Alaskan governor’s family life.

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