These Boots Weren’t Made for Walking: A Guide to Women’s Fall Fashion

Fall is officially here, which means it is officially Boot Season. I know what you’re thinking.  “A post about fashion?  Here?”  Believe me; I am with you on this one.  I do not claim to be an expert on fashion and freely admit I know nothing about the subject–and I relish this ignorance.  But I am observant.  I know what I like and, most importantly, what I don’t like.  That’s what we’re here to talk about today.  Women’s footwear…Boots.

Images of women wearing furry boots

Boots with fur: decent for a Rocky Mountain winter, perfect for a summer in Santa Monica.

I admit, I was—and still am—a fan of certain types of women’s boots.  Knee-high black leather boots are particularly nice, especially when paired with a short skirt (for some reason).  This look more than adequately lends itself to visions of a top-secret female Russian spy—complete with heavy accent and a plan to forcefully seduce her unsuspecting male prey on the cold streets of Moscow.  But from that foundation of Sexy Spy, a conglomeration of fur, fleece, fringe, glitter and suede has obliterated the fine balance between form and function–and more importantly, the notion of being seduced.

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