About 13 Shades of Grey

Welcome to 13 Shades of Grey, my new blog.  In a world that becomes more polarized each day—viewed ever-continuously from black or white perspectives—operating in a grey zone helps one avoid being categorized as “black” or “white,” “right” or “left,” and most importantly, “wrong” or “right.”  This way, it is easier to criticize and make fun of both sides of the spectrum in any argument, and everything else in between.

By believing in nothing absolutely, this blog will basically serve as an outlet for rants and raves across an array of topics, as well as other miscellany that likely will not deserve the bandwidth over which it is published.

Nihilistic?  Not quite.  Pointless?  Perhaps.  Cathartic?  Only for me.  Sarcastic?  100%.

The articles and material on these pages do not claim to be right, strive for complete objectivity, or aim to offend.  Feel free to read through, comment, and contribute as you like.  Just remember that there is no black or white, wrong or right here…only shades of grey.

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